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Small-scale companies can benefit from a wide range of features in accounting software. These include accounting tools, payroll software, project management, and time tracking.

Utilizing a program that integrates with other business software can save time since you don’t have to transfer data manually. This is especially crucial for freelancers who must keep track of time and invoice clients.

A good accounting program can also help you provide members of your team with timely and accurate financial information. For instance, if your finance director requires a report of cashflow in just two hours, your accounting system should have a built-in reporting module that lets him or her produce the report in only a few clicks.

The accounting software that is best for your business will have many important features. These include easy-to-use mobile applications and workflow rules. The best software should also be able to integrate with other systems, such as payroll software and point-of sale (POS) software.

We also appreciate the fact that a lot of accounting software programs provide free trials, so you can test the way they work for your business. Some companies, such as Xero offer free accountant access for their small-business software.

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that is affordable and robust features. It allows you to send custom invoices and reconcile bank transactions, and capture receipts. We are however most impressed with the collaboration features. In contrast to most accounting software, all of the plans of Xero come with unlimited users, so you can delegate tasks to other team members without paying extra for them.